Golden Honey Elixir

Golden Honey Elixir

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This formula is AMAZING! It’s one of my favorites! It's also very popular with the kids and anyone who prefers non-alcoholic medicine. 

I wanted to make something similar to Golden Milk, a drink that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years,  a staple in India forever, but seems to be making its way out here into local coffee shops as of the past few years. 

Turmeric is a wonderful herb, we have found it very helpful in treating coughs that take forever to heal.  Traditionally turmeric is known to stimulate the liver, heal the liver, lower cholesterol, enhance digestion and both as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant.  It is also helpful in treating chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Black Pepper, Apple Cider
Vinegar, Honey.

Recommended Dose: Take 1 dropper 1-3 x daily.

2 oz

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