I have been using Amber's Wild Rose Face Serum for a number of years now. Right away it became my favourite skin care product and it's all I ever want to use. I highly recommend her expertly crafted products, a delight for the senses and nourishing for the skin and soul.

Claudia Medina

The Fountain of Youth Face Serum doesn't make my face feel oily, and the aroma is amazing! I have used it for over a year, and have noticed healthy changes in my skin.

Julia D

I recently purchased 3 bottles of your Mama Body Oil, and I just wanted to thank you for the time and energy you put into the beautiful cloth and string you wrapped them in. I was so delighted when I took them out of the mail package! I've purchased online from you before, and they always arrive looking so beautiful:)

Tanya S.

Wellness Bundle

It's that time of year folks, time to be proactive in your health and also time to rest. My phone and messages have been blowing up the past few weeks with people buying products to help them as they are finding themselves going through big healing crisis. This lead me to create this Wellness Bundle.

The products in this bundle offer something helpful for most of the common symptoms people experience when they have the common cold or flu.

The dry itchy sore throat, the coughing, the congestion, the chills and fever, the dry lips and cracked nose.

Everything in the Bundle is Safe and Beneficial for the whole family.

Wellness Bundle

Foundations of Herbal Medicine

A series of 5 in-person workshops led by Amber Friedman, Founder of Wild Spirit Apothecary, teachings on how to work with plants to • Wildcraft • Prepare Traditional Medicines • Blend Herbs into Medicinal Teas • Make Natural Body Care Products.

You will go home with the knowledge to make your own medicine along with a Collection of Herbal Products we make in the series.

Next session starts January 2024!


Live Ta Dye

Besides making magic at Wild Spirit Apothecary, Amber is also a textile artist! All her textile art is made with natural dyes that she extracts from bugs, plants and barks that grow in the local region, and traditional plants from around the world.




Apprentice/Maker 2019-2021


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