Foundations of Herbal Medicine

Foundations of Herbal Medicine

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In this 6 week series, you will learn the foundational skills of plant medicine. This is a hands-on course, each week we will cover a different topic and you will learn how to work with plants to

• Wildcraft in our Region

• Prepare Traditional Medicines such as; Tinctures, Infused Oils, Syrups and Salves

• Blend Herbs into Medicinal Teas

• Make Natural Body Care Products

• How to choose the most effective herb for health issues

The workshop series will take place in the Apothecary, we will  also work outside directly with plants from our region, harvesting and processing them.

During the first workshop there will be time for everyone to share what they would like to take away from the course, and what types of Plant Medicine they are most interested in learning more about.

Dates are still being confirmed.

Jan 6th 6-8pm
Jan 9th 1-4pm
Jan 15th 10-1pm
Jan 22nd 10-1pm
Jan 26th 6-9pm
Feb 5th 10-1pm
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