Energizing M A M A Tea

Energizing M A M A Tea

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Tried tested and true, this is a formula I made for my apprentice when she asked me for a tea that would help her have more energy in her pregnancy. I made her a pot of it and she asked to buy some, after she drank that jar she came back and insisted we make it for sale for pregnant mamas everywhere, and so we did!

Full of nutrients from vitamins and minerals along with herbs to help you adapt to stress with a bit of a zing. Also extremely grounding and revitalizing.

Maca is an adaptogen that is very high in vitamin C, supports the function of your adrenal glands, and boosts your energy. 

Reishi is a gentle adaptogen that helps the body regulate stress, it also helps support your natural immune system and vitality of the body thus offering more energy in time of need. It has been used for hundreds of years and is very popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Nettle regulates blood sugar levels eases pain and tension, boosts iron levels and iron absorption it is a powerhouse of vitamin A, B's, and K, it is also full of minerals such as; calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper. 

Cinnamon can help regulate your blood sugar levels, give you a bit of a boost, and add a delicious spicy earthy note to this very grounding tea.

Ingredients: Nettle, Alfalfa, Reishi, Cinnamon, Maca.

Steep 1 tbsp in 1 cup of hot water

Size 250ml

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