6 Week Yoga Series Tuesdays

6 Week Yoga Series Tuesdays

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Join Rachelle for a 6 week series of Yoga.

Refresh your spirit, strengthen your body through this hour of devotional movement guided by celebrated movement teacher Rachelle Gura. Your community awaits you.

Tuesdays - 6:15-7:15pm


 Rachelle/ Bio

Rachelle Gura has over 17 years of teaching experience specializing in rehabilitation of injury and pelvic floor protocols. Born in Winnipeg, moved to Lake Tahoe, then settled in Toronto in 1993, her contributions include presenting on the stages of YogaPalooza, Green Living Show, Boomer TV and a Lululemon Ambassador position.  Further certifications include Yoga Tune Up®, Pilates, Barre, ELDOA™, Roll Model® Method, Z-Health®, Yoga for Runners®.
I believe in reclaiming the intrinsic wisdom of our own bodies through movement and stillness, this is self-care. 
Leaving a corporate management position in 2005 to guide people in movement was scary, yet the most soul satisfying decision I ever made. It affirmed my natural desire to use the human body as a source for joy. My NeuroLinguistic Processing and Life Coaching teachings shed light on human behaviour, studies on biomechanics and physiology highlighted physical health, while Metaphysics illuminated the energy that moves through us all.  Understanding how they relate has changed my life.
As a teacher of anatomy for a 300hr Yoga Teacher Certification and being a Roll Model® Method teacher educator, I had attained all my professional yoga 'goals' and felt teaching 13 classes a week at 5 locations around the city was a good life, yet I could feel the burn out building within.  In 2020 a new cycle of rebirth began for most of the world, leading to my move from Toronto to Powell River B.C. in 2021. Another synchronistic step for my soul has begun, let us strip away another layer of false self to reveal what sustains us when all else falls away. I look forward to serving the beautiful humans here in Powell River.
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